Monday, March 7, 2011

fun in the park

There are ALOT of photos on here today.. sorry! But I cant miss any out. Im under strict 4 yr old instructions... :)

Well Autumn has hit here with a BIG drip drip drip....

Its has rained basically all day everyday the last few days.. not that I mind, actually I love it :) I am so much more productive in crap weather and it fuels me to do more. Dont know why really, but I LOVE it :)

So today its been mad cleaning, sorting, a quick trip out for a milkshake and a play with some photos of last week.

Realised I never blogged most of them so here they are and our great day in the park.

Last week, in a brief intelude from the rain, I asked my gang what they wanted to do. Jareds first response was "treasure hunting!" and so I told them thats what we would do.

I gave Jared a piece of paper with a list of "treasure" he had to find ( everything that has to be found is treasure currently, its a great game) and we looked through the list. Lots of "B" words for no other reason but that he likes that letter this week. Its a simple list, he only needed a few things that he could remember what each word was.

And so I strapped Little Miss in the pram, strapped on our shoes and headed off to treasure hunt, which just happened to be in the direction of the park.

Set on a purpose, I semi hurried our little hunters along... but he kept stopping, looking, examining, exclaiming and generally getting excited about everything we passed. I was getting kinda impatient, until he said " Why we hurry? I like stopping" and I realised that really the walk was supposed to be more about the getting there rather than the destination.

And so I stopped, listened, looked.... and was amazed.

And this is what we found....

A bridge ( apparently trolls were here so we had to be really quiet and tiptoe past)

A broken tree ( I was actually stunned he knew it was a "b" word. I thought the " b" finding thing was just something he didnt really get. Seems I was wrong)


More bridges

Brave babe
Beautiful boy
Bush trails ( yep this is RIGHT near my house, the most gorgeous magical walk EVER)

Dinosaur footprint leaves ( doesnt start with b but he got so excited that I had the stop and was so surprised at his description and how it EXACTLY looks like a dinosaur footprint. When did this kid get so smart??)

Big black lizard
Blue Fly
And of course, I hunted my own favourite "b" word. "BOKEH" :)

I has the most amazing magical walk with these lovelies. Its so much fun to see the world through the eyes of a child. The wonder, the magic, the finds, the treasures.... and so I made a pact with him and myself that one other day this week I would make the time and effort to see the wonder of the world through his eyes :)
Want to come with us ??

You still have time to vote! actually you can do it everyday should the mood take you ;) I wasnt really worried but now that I am still clinging to the top 25 I kind of want to stay here! Can you help me??

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  1. Poetic mumma
    Gorgeous boy and precious girl
    A walk in the park!

    Sorry - been teaching Haiku all last week to Tobey's classes. I love the photos - the kiddos AND the beauty of all of you being together!

  2. Now I am really dying to be there. Can it get more beautiful? You teasing me. :) Very lovely shots. You are so talented.