Tuesday, March 15, 2011

colour mixing

Tuesday.... gosh is it really only Tuesday??
It feels so much later in the week than that... Amahli is going through some crazy horrible 2 yr old thing at the moment and is swinging incessantly between being the most loving and helpful little angel to having complete melt downs and screaming at me.
Id like to blame teeth but I have a bad feeling that its a third kid thing too ;)
She and Jared argued constantly all the way to school and home again that to sort them out I put them both in his room and closed the door.

Figured a few rounds locked in together someone should come out a winner and it will all be over.... so imagine my shock when it goes quiet....

And I walk in to find two children happily playing in a self constructed submarine/boat/bus/car mobile and both are completely in love with each other and this perfect pretend play. ( I had taken the top of his Thomas train table to vacuum under and hadnt put it back :)This is what they are actually sitting in.)

I was asked to leave. Actually I was TOLD to leave. So I did :)

Half hour later, the explorers are hungry and so I set them up with food whilst I got a painty activity ready. It is precisely at this point I realise that my camera is flat and I cannot find my charger ( to be honest I had a little cry.. I love my charger and have a big kid moment happening on Friday and I NEED my charger... sob)

So I grabbed my iPhone and clicked away on that.

So you will have to excuse the photos from here on it today :)

Jared was happy to watch whilst I set up Amahli with some finger painting that also involved simple primary colour mixing "magic". I used to do this alot with Jumeirah and havent done nearly enough with the other two. I told Jared I could make green just using blue and yellow.... I squirted it out on the table, she carefully ( to start with) mixed it around and VOILA! GREEN!

careful at first..
oh! its GREEN!

And then he left cos he could see she was getting more "into" (literally) the paint. She had a ball, spreading, drawing, banging ( just the once before I stopped that one) using a cotton bud to draw a face, enjoying the texture and sensation of ooey gooey hands.

And my lovely girl returned to me... for a while anyway :) I didnt even flinch when she showed me how pretty it looked on the freshly cleaned mirror.... cos she smiled while she did it.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. My two year old has been acting the same way. Must be a blond two year old girl thing. ;-) We will get out the finger paints when it gets warmer. Now I can't wait.

  2. Amahli and Jared, sound so much like Mark and I were when we were youngsters. Fighting one moment, best friends building cars/buses/trains/caravans out of furniture the next. Brought back some special memories of my childhood fun we had, thanks for that! :)