Friday, March 11, 2011

sticky tape resist painting/cleaning with kids

I got Jumeirah some cardstock at the craft shop yesterday for a project she wants to do, but I also got a few spare so today I used sticky tape to make out an "A" for Amahli to paint over to hang in her room. Both the others have already done this beautiful craft but she hasnt.

I gave her three colours of food colouring to paint with and she had a lovely time painting all over the page. It doesnt matter how they paint, as the tape will hold fast and keep that part of the cardstock dry.

ONCE COMPLETELY DRY ( please dont be like me and pull it off too early! It rips the paper) you can carefully remove the sticky tape to reveal a gorgeous letter. Cardstock is the best thing to use for this craft. Normal paper seems to rip too easily and the tape doesnt come off cleanly.

Now all I need to do is find a frame :)

Then it was time for yet another project of cleaning... this time it was to wash the car. I wasnt quite sure how this was going to go, its not a super hot day and I knew they would want to get soaked so I was hesitant to let them help me.

We started by cleaning out the car, and with two children, thats a very quick and perfect thing to do.

They are the exact right size to climb all through our big car and pick up all the things they are forever dropping and hiding in all the crevices and were more than happy to be helping. I am somewhat taller and am forever whacking my head on the roof just doing seatbelts up so I played the happy role today as the "Encourager" :).

Once that was done and I vacuumed whilst they squealed and tried to avoid me sucking them up, we backed the car down the "roller coaster" (driveway) and hosed it down.

At this point, Jared took over the role of the "Encourager" and Amahli was keen to get right in there. I cut up a sponge so it would be easier for her to manage, and she got right to task and scrubbed the front number plate and the wheels of the car.

I was actually quite surprised that she took it so seriously and didnt get as wet as *ahem* I did. She was totally focussed on cleaning each section of every wheel and did a great job.

Once cleaned, we rode back up the rollercoaster and went inside for a well deserved ice block :)

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Is there a benefit to using food coloring as opposed to water colors? I don't think I have used food coloring by itself as a paint. Interesting.

    Now I would like to rent your kids to clean out my car. ;-) I will take them for a while and you can have a quiet break.