Tuesday, March 8, 2011

project 52: week 9

Jared: " Mum! Come and see this! I never seed this before!"

Me: "Hang on mate. I'll be there in a second! Im just doing..."

Jared: " No MUM NOW! You'll miss it!"

And so I ran out to find him ( camera in hand just in case) eye level with the out of control veggie patch... and this amazing bright yellow lady bug.

They are rare around here.. red ones I see often but not yellow.
He was so pleased with showing me this little amazing creature.


And I totally cant remember what I almost missed this for ;)

What have your kids shown you today??

linked to love that shot :)


  1. My kids have down me stuff, but I can't take pictures of it. ;) Beautiful bug. You must ne loving your new macro.

  2. actually I am loving my macro but this was taken with the old cheap version!! its still a great little lens and whilst its not quite as awesome as my new one, its still REALLY good :)

  3. i've never seen a yellow ladybug! beautiful focus. found you over at love that shot :)

  4. This is beautiful! I love the color! Saw this picture on the Love That Shot site.