Monday, March 21, 2011

Painting for the non messy child

YAY! Im back! Well, sort of :)
I have a temporary modem and no access to my photo drive but I managed to somehow work out a way to save them elsewhere so... Im back :)
Thankyou to all you lovelies who thought of us last week in our little flood drama... the beautiful bushland where I took a photo I took a few weeks ago with Amahli and Jared is almost completely destroyed and will take years to recover and the wet washing and sheets I have are in a pile I dont think I will ever conquer.. but all is good :)

I have been busy here over the weekend... getting ready for school holidays!!!! Only three more weeks of Term One to go. I have been gathering some awesome ideas so Im pretty excited :)

Today though, after taking Jared to the doctors, I got out something painty and yet unpainty for him to do. We've done it before. Ive probably even blogged it before. but sometimes its fun to do something like this again :)

Its painting for the Anally Retentive child who dosent like to get messy. But its also great for colour mixing and learning about how some colours mixed together make new colours.

Start with a plastic sealable bag.

Squirt a small amount of two colours into it and them close it up. Press gently to get rid of any air, then tape each side with sticky tape to prevent blow outs :) ( and yep they do happen :) )

Then I gave it to him to smoosh around, mxing colours, finding out that mixed together they made green. I also gave him a cotton bud to draw on top of the bag as the paint in the bag allows you to draw in it. Pretty cool effect :)

Closer look to try and slowly mix the green, carefully getting each section mixed was a very precise job.

And he actually really enjoyed it :)

Simple, unmessy fun :)

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  1. That is a great idea. Buddy is my non-messy child. My other two big kids would open the bags to stick their hands in the paint. lol. I am going to have to try this one out.