Wednesday, March 30, 2011

marble painting

Faster and faster, this childs momentum is gaining and shes growing up waaay too quickly. Last night she plonked herself at the table where I was preparing dinner and told me " I help you". It wasnt a question, it was a statement, she WAS going to help me whether I wanted her to or not. I then noticed she had already found a knife and was heading for the carrots.... I quickly changed the knife for a less sharp one and gave her a bunch of beans, thinking she'd lose interest pretty quick. (Normally I would give her the peas and corn to sort but we are all out).

15 Minutes later she had top and tailed all the beans (pretty much) and was asking for the pot to put them in. How do I slow her down? And do I really want to seeing as she could be cooking for me but the age of..... 6 ???

Todays craft was oldie but a goodie :) One I didnt have to think about too much as they were already playing with marbles... I just added paint!!

Jared was pretty keen today.. probably more about the fact that it doesnt involve getting messy and it involves motion and he was hooked.

Amahli loves this craft. The sound of marbles clanking and rolling around, the mesmorizing balls rolling up and down, the beautiful colours that emerge... its very therapeutic :)

And turns out different everytime! The only thing you need to watch is to NOT tip the container too far... 100 semi painted marbles bouncing on white tiles does not a happy mummy make :) Luckily, I have very willing and loving helpers that removed all traces of evidence before daddy got home.


  1. The marble paintings turned out great.
    Amahli is quite the little helper. She is growing up so fast, it seems. But she is just trying to keep up with big brother and sister. Maybe you should have another one. (I am glad I am on the other side of the world, because I might have gotten smacked for that)

  2. Im coming over just to slap you ;) There will be NO MORE Bakers in this household!!

  3. If you come over, I will gladly take a slap. :-)