Monday, February 28, 2011

Housework and rocket rides

I dont know about you, but finding the balance between playing with my kids and housework is a never ending guilt battle.

Most mornings, my kids entertain themselves until I have at least done the kitchen/dishwasher/floors before begging me to play. And when I do start playing, too often I remember the washing in the tub, or the clothes that need to be trained to put themselves away, or the dinner that needs to be started or the bathroom that needs to be cleaned.... or whatever else is climbing the walls because I NEVER SEEM TO HAVE ENOUGH TIME/ARMS/ ENERGY.....

Late last week, Jared was begging me to play in his new rocket ( from his birthday). I desperately wanted to clean up their room so the rocket could actually "launch" but too often lately Ive noticed myself leaving in the middle of play with them to do something housey so today I wasnt going to do that. So I told him I could play, but that I had to clean too. He was happy with this and helped me clear the floor so we could actually get IN the rocket.

And so we set off... between the stars, avoiding shooting stars, waving to other rockets. When we landed on the moon, I picked up the " moon dust sucker" ( vacuum) and began "taking samples" of the moon. Off to a good start, I began to move their beds closer so they could do "Lunar jumps" between the planets ( and I could vacuum along the side of the beds).

We then fixed the beds for " the man in the moon" who happened to be out of town for the day, and left the angry bed beast in the bed.

By the time to samples were all collected, we'd jumped our last Lunar jump, fixed the beds back and settled back into the rocket to come home, the room was clean, tidy and dust free :)

We then snuggled on the lounge and read a rocket book and talked of our adventures.
When Daddy came home, all Jared could talk about was our awesome adventure and the things we did. There was no talk of a vacuum cleaner and tidying, it was all about play :)
And for now, I have one clean room in the house ;)

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  1. That sounds fun to me and I am not a little boy. :-) When you figure out a way to make folding laundry a fun activity for all (mostly just me), please let me know.