Thursday, February 24, 2011

yet another photo comp!!

After getting such a nice rap the other week for my photo, Im entering another one ;) This one is at the website Love That Shot. I am joining up cos I would love to be able to do more with my click clicks ;)

this is todays entry :) entry closes in about an hour so I dont have anything to add yet, but tonight once kidlets are in bed, I'll show you how to do a quick edit and show you how to make your photos come alive :)

the title is LOVE


Nope sorry, its now late and I dont have enough time to show you some photo tricks... forgive me, it will come if you want to see it :)

Instead, Im going to show you a miracle that happened in our house today, small, probably quite insignificant, but a miracle nonetheless.

My children are strange with food sometimes. I have one that eats ANY fruit, and watching him eat fruit is a show in itself. He is competely oblivious to anyone watching him, hes so in the moment and in LOVE with his fruit. Its sheer ecstasy with eat bite :)

Another one, eats any vegetable and gets strange looks as she sneaks as many beans and snow peas as we shop, eating heads of raw broccoli instead of hounding my in the chip isle, and begs me to buy spinach ( *shudder*) which is gone before we get home.

And the third? She is a pain and only eats frozen blueberries, frozen peas and corn and my morrocan sweet potato. Its a push most of the time to get her to even leave what I serve on her plate instead of screeching to "GET IT OFF!" when I try and sneak through a carrot.

Today, I tried something different. At morning tea, I offered no biscuits. Instead, I cut up some fruit into tiny little squares. You wouldnt have even known it was fruit or what it was, it was just cute bright colours. I showed Amahli what I had, she had the tiniest bit of interest but she wasnt going to try it.

She watched Jared begin to hoe in, still nothing.
Then I gave her a tiny fork to use to stab a piece. I pretended we were " ladies" and ate a few pieces with a fork, overemphasing my lady like gestures which she thought was hilarious. I gave her her own fork to try herself. She liked this idea, and tried it.

And playing along with my lady role play, she ate a piece. And I fell on the floor backwards whilst trying not to get too excited.
4 pieces later, I had two "ladies" eating very dainty pretty coloured squares.

Some of course, didnt stay in her mouth, but at least they were going in at all.

Sometimes, changing the way you serve can make a huge difference.

Sometimes, an apple looks easier to conquer in small pieces.

Sometimes, changing how you eat something makes it better too.

Sometimes, you just have to play with your food. :)

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  1. I love that you are entering more link ups with your photos. You are so talented. :-)
    We do fun stuff when eating food, too. My kids love fruits and veggies, but to mix things up a bit we have stick day. That day everything we eat is on sticks. Sometimes toothpicks other times grilling skewers. It is a huge hit. "Buddy" hates fruits and veggies, but this trick has gotten him to eat quite a bit of them. We will convert him eventually. ;-)
    Keep the awesome photos coming!!