Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bath paints

Ive always considered myself a pretty cool mum.
I spend my life making the lives of my family easier, more enjoyable and fun. And mostly, its self rewarding. But today, its hit me that although Im a great mum, a fun mum, an amazing mum... I'll never be as great as daddy.
And to be honest, that kinda sucks.

Today I found myself in a conversation with Jumeirah about the fact that I didnt come and look at a game she and daddy were playing ( whilst I cooked dinner and cleaned the carpet from Amahlis unfortunate accident AND kept her happy while she begged for daddy time too) and therefore I must not really care.

It hurt.. alot.

How do you find balance? How do you get to be the fun one but also make sure the house doesnt fall apart and that kids are still fed and watered and that the day continues to move forward as its supposed to??

Life has gotten very busy for us with school and preschool and swimming and jazz and goodness knows what else fills up our days and a few children ( well really, its all three of them) are bucking the system. I have tears in the afternoon if something goes missing, there are "friends" no longer being "friendly", and I seem to argue over stupid things when I havent had to before.

Today it was Amahlis turn to REALLY let me know she wasnt pleased with how the day was going ( understatement as you'll see for the photos) ( NO Im not a bad parent for taking photos of her upset, she didnt want me to but I want to show her them later in the week)

Tired and out of ideas, I threw her in the bath I calmly ran her a lovely warm bath and put her in. To keep her happy and entertained, I made her up some bath paint.

Using Shaving cream ( the cheap stuff from Coles works a treat) I added a few drops of food colouring to it and mixed it in. I then added a paint brush and gave it to her. She had an absolute ball.. painting the bath tub and herself mostly ( I would recommend that you encourage ONLY painting these areas as the tiles and grout might not like the food colouring) and spent a good 20 minutes creating and painting.

Once she as clean, calm and happy to get out, we snuggled up on her bed an read for about 10 minutes and then she told me it was time for milk and dummy and " you go out now".

*sigh* *sit* *breathe* .... and then its time to get the circus back up and running to do the school pick up :)

When are school holidays??????


  1. nice.
    i wish we could get cheap shaving cream here!!
    although, there are days i'd gladly get out the expensive stuff just to bring calmness to the flat!!

  2. very cool to add the food colouring..I might try that with my toddler whilst we are schooling tommorrow!

  3. I've certainly had days like that too.

  4. You, my lovely, are an AMAZING mum - champion queen of plate spinning! No matter HOW YUCKY it seems on any given day - in the long run, these kids are UNBELIEVABLY blessed to have YOU as their mum! You are MY hero for sure! I never knew ANYONE who could find so many uses for shaving cream!!! Was just bragging on you today with my friend (and brand new mum) - gave her your link so she can treat her baby girl to a few Karina-isms!♥