Thursday, February 10, 2011

scissor play

When Jared came to me yesterday brandishing a pair of scissors and saying " I just cut a bit, ok Mum?" I knew it was time to either do some scissor activities or risk losing a mop of blonde hair with the potential of losing TWO lots of curly mops... And so I grabbed out some paper and the playdough and we set to work :)

I set Amahli up first with some simple playdough cutting. Using no blade scissors ( trust me, they will still cut hair) sh got to practising using them, holding them so they would cut through the dough, and also making tiny cut pieces of playdough. Its great for general scissor pratice but its also great for strengthening little muscles and helps prevent the frustration that comes with not being about to cut through paper just yet.

For Jared, I did something a bit harder to challenge him. I folded up a square of coloured paper, drew some shapes on the folded piece, and got hinm to cut the lines. This was pretty tricky to do, first to manipulate the scissors onto the line but also to work them to only cut along the lines. He did really well, only needing some verbal encouragement and help in turning the paper.

Once unfolded, he was surprised to see a cool pattern emerge from the cut paper.

It was then that Amahli wanted a turn and so we swapped activities and she began ( with a little bit of help) to cut her own piece of paper. I didnt fold hers the same, just allowed her to snip around the edge.
Understandly, this is the only photo I took at this point. I value the use of all ten fingers and both eyes ;)

She was pretty proud of herself once she had finished and wanted to do more.

I was happy to oblige, and after 25 minutes both of their hands were sore enough from holding scissors that neither of them were keen on moving onto hairdressing.

For today at least ;)


  1. What a fun activity AND you prevented balding cuties. Great job Mom.