Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 52: week 7 rub a dub dub :)

( before you read this post PLEASE note. NEVER leave your kids unattended with water around. )

I asked Amahli to help me today... I needed to wash some animals we have been playing with for awhile and its hot so I put them in an esky to wash. I half filled it with water.

She was happy to wash them for me.... I turned to reach a bucket and towel to put them into and turned around to see this....

And whats funnier than a kid in an esky??

thats right. TWO kids in an esky :)

I have no idea how the fitted

Project 52: rub a dub dub :)



Processed with Miracles by Paint the Moon. Sorry I love it! I also sligthly sharpened her eyes.

I promise next week to NOT have my kids in project 52 OR use Miracles by Paint the Moon :) But clearly I am love with this gorgeous effect from the new Blessings set.

Happy weekend everyone :)


  1. I don't have any idea what paint the moon is - and am always enamored with your gorgeous kiddos. BUT that shot with her little suntanned face and the huge sparkle in her eyes - AWESOME!

  2. Why in the world are you apologizing for gorgeous pictures of your beautiful kids? I love seeing them, along with your fantastic shots. You are so talented. I will look at any pictures you share.
    I have no idea how Amahlie and Jared fit into that thing together. Did you have to grease them to get them out? lol