Thursday, February 17, 2011

what siblings can do

Wednesday and Thursday are fast becoming the crappest days EVER.

They are so busy, so much running around, so many car trips ( and petrol!!) and very little time to sit and enjoy crafty things. I DONT LIKE IT. And its making for a very boring blog on both of those days ( please tell me its not always boring ;) )
Yesterday, I had nothing to post. We had no time to do the things I wanted to do with them and so I had NOTHING.
Today was much the same. I got in the car at 8.30am, and basically got home at 5.10pm, with only a brief stint at home for Amahli to collapse in a tired and sobbing heap and sleep.

So I have nothing much to say today either... or do I?

This morning, I set up the brilliant Marble set I bought a few years ago (its called Quadrilla) for them to play with whilst I got organised. Actually we've been playing it alot this week, its fantastic for working together, hand eye co ordination and its absolutely mesmorizing to watch marble after marble run down the track.

This morning, I could hear Amahli getting frustrated with it. It kept falling over everytime she put a marble in. Running late, I couldnt help her fix it, it takes awhile and shes impatient. And then all of a sudden, she stopped crying. And giggled. And then I hear " Jared you make me soooo happy!" And I come out to find Jared is teaching her how to put the marble in without it falling over, showing her how to fix it when it does. How to race them. And cheering her when she gets it right.

Grab the camera... click click click :)

Later ( much later) this evening, just before bed, Jumeirah decides she wants to play in the backyard with the water squirters. (luckily for her Im too tired to stop her at this late hour. Plus they were having fun). Both she and Jared filled the pump and then squirted each other with it. A great game... but Amahli cant work the pump to fill it with water. And again I can see the frustration building.

As I get up to go out and help her, Jumeirah takes over, teaching her how to hold the pump so she can fill it. She doesnt take it off her to do it for her ( like I was going to do) but shows her by doing it beside her.

And after a few goes, she gets it. And what do I watch as she realises shes doing it all by herself??

An amazing, proud little "I DID IT ALL MYSELF!"

Click click click :)

I was blessed today.

To know my kids have each other.

To know that they are learning even when Im not the one teaching them.

Knowing that though they fight and argue and annoy the crap out of each other sometimes, they really do love each other too.

And sometimes, they are even better teachers than me :)


  1. It's because you are such a great mom. Your children have learned from you. :-)
    Love the marble thing. I am going to have to look into one (my husband will kill me if I buy another big thing like this, but...).

  2. I love this post. Actually, I always love your posts. But I think this is the first one I've commented on. Especially after your last post, I think this shows just how amazing a job you are doing raising your children. I'm inspired by your creativity and ability to center so much around your children. I want to be more like that!

  3. @sabra: thankyou for such lovely comments :)
    You made my day :)

    @ kim: your husband will LOVE the marble run!! Mine does ;)
    thanks as always for your comments, there are many times you keep me going xx

  4. I want that marble thing too - for ME! Looks like GREAT therapy.

    You're an amazing role model, dearie. That why those wee ones are so good at helping and instructing! GOOD ON YOU!