Wednesday, February 2, 2011

lunch box love notes

I remember as a kid my mum used to sometimes put a note in my lunch box... a word of encouragement if I had an exam, a helpful reminder if I had to do something different in the afternoon.

I remember when I was dating a guy he left a message written in the condensation of my car window so Id get it when I left for work ( I married this one, I wish I still got those messages in the window ;) they kinda stopped once he had worked hard enough to marry me hehehe )

And so, with Jumeirah gone for so much of each day for so many days of the week I wanted her to know I was thinking of her whilst she was gone. I searched through the Net, trying to find a printable that I could send with her in her lunch box but couldnt find what I was looking for. So I made my own! And you can do it too :)

I bought some clip art from a site I get my other bits and pieces from to make cards and things, Lettering Delights. This way Im not going to breach any copyright issues by using clip art that doesnt belong to me. The sets I bought I got in a sale for about $1 the set ( amazingly cheap but even full price for $3 is such a great buy) and I got to work finding little clip art pictures and printed them off.

Once printed I got out my trusty laminator ( so they will last longer), wrote a personal message on it and laminated them.

The whole process took me less than an hour and now I have a little stash of love notes for my lovely girl :)

And whilst she didnt commented on finding it at lunch time, I asked her how her lunch was and I got the cutest little secret grin from her. I know she loved it :)

Tomorrow my little guy starts preschool and he'll get one too.
Little ways to let them know they are thought about when they arent with me.....

How do you let your kids know??


  1. What a touching way to spread love. Kids are always thrilled by the smallest gestures. Congratulations on spreading your heart to multiple locations. Kids Matter!

  2. I put love notes in Glen's lunchbox when we first married (5+ years ago). Now I'm thinking when we get settled enough to catch up with my laminator, I'm gonna start again. Even big boys like to know they're appreciated!