Monday, February 7, 2011

threading and gluing for little fingers

I have been a bit floaty floaty after having such a lovely long school holiday break but last night I got my creative butt into gear and began to plan some arty crafty activities for my littles to help us through the days....

Today was simply a weaving and gluing activity, very easily made with things we found around the house.

This activity is great for: fine motor skills, learning opposites ( in and out), patience and hand eye coordination.

I began by hole punch some thick cardboard ( its actually a box I got deliveries in last week) right around the edge. The cardboard needs to be thick as little fingers are rough with pulling wool through the holes and they break easily if the card board is too thin. Its also easier to hold if its more sturdy. I then gave them each a long strand of wool that I had stickytaped around the end for easy threading. I then let them thread it in and out the holes as they pleased.

Look at that concentration :)

Amahli threaded about half of hers ( which was a mighty fine effort for a 2 yr old!) and then wanted to paste. Jared did his the whole way around until he had no wool left and then wasnt sure about the paste bit, but I did the glue bit, he did the collage bit.

I was well impressed with these gorgeous creations, as was a big sister when she came home.
Art like this is great displayed for a week or so. It is easy to make a loop of wool to hang it on a door handle or picture hook, and it gives my littles a great sense of achievement to see their art on the wall :)

How do you display art??

Anyone got some photos of art display ideas?


  1. I love this idea. I have done the lacing before, but making the middle a canvas is brilliant.

  2. yeah I think its what got amahli hooked :) shes all about the glue :)