Friday, February 4, 2011

Simple satisfying friday :)

Today it was too hot to do anything much.. its also the last day of a VERY big week of which I have really been dragged through by the seat of my pants backwards... but today, it was also made up of moments that made me stop and realised how, if you just stop, the moments are always there :)

The beautiful boy who conquers a puzzle for the first time on his own cos I was busy flapping about something else. How proud he was of himself that I just had to sit and watch him do it again....

The two who then came and happily collaged together cos I had no brain to find them a really cool craft to do, but who so thoroughly enjoyed it they asked to do about 5 each....

The two littles who asked to set up a train track ( which I did cos I knew it would keep them busy for at least 5 minutes) and then played together for almost an hour with the little set up, WITHOUT screeching at each other.....

The lovely big girl who, with her own pocket money ( 4 weeks worth) bought the most amazing singapore orchids to give to her grandad who is laid up after a foot operation. When she asked to do it, at first I said no. We were going to cook them a meal, and I was running late and halfway home, when I caught her eye I saw her true intent and turned the car around and went back to the florist. Her thoughtfuless gave me the most amazing flower to photograph I have truly ever seen. The colours are just incredible and the child, well, she is just something that will forever take my breath away.

enJOY your weekend, your families, yourself :)

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  1. That is so thoughtful of Jumeirah. I love how my littles will also play together without squealing and screeching. It is precious. It is miraculous when the 3 of them get together and do it. Cole is always so bossy with them, Buddy will go along, but Charley has to be defiant (even if she really wants to do it). So kudos to you for getting that time and enjoying it. :-) Have a great weekend.