Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cake decorating the easy way

Recently,we have had a run of birthdays in my family...... starting in November we have everyone from Amahli, Jumeirah, my brother and sister, my mum and myself, Gran, Nanna and Jared. All done and dusted in just a little under three months. Its rather crazy and makes for a LOT of cakes. Now, I love to make cakes. And what I lack in taste and execution I make up for in enthusiasm..... mostly.

Mums birthday this year was big 60 and so I wanted to make her cake special. We were going to the Hunter Valley with all the family and so it had to be able to travel and then last for a few days before we ate it. Hmmmm... got me thinking about how the heck I could pull that off when I realised that the easiest way to do cake decorating is to make it out of FIMO! Time and time again, I have been saved by making cake decorations at least a few days to a week before the cake event. It makes for stress free me which is such a lovelier version that the crappity crap crap stressed version.

These are some of my FIMO cake toppers.

For mum, I wanted to do something related to sewing and quilting ( her passions) but it had to be simple cos I was going to have to get whatever I made through a car trip to the Hunter unbroken. So I decided to have a go at making a quilt cake.
I bought a packets of FIMO, put the kids to bed and the husband was happy in front of the box and I set to it. Once softened and flat it was easy to work with.
I cut basic shapes out, almost exactly as you would fabric and pieced it all together. it did take a while, but seeing as I wasnt rushed for time and it wasnt going to be edible, I didt worry too much. It was a bit tricky trying to get the corners right but it turned out pretty good :)

Once we had actually sung happy birthday, I just whipped off the topper and cut that gorgeous chocolate mud up.
Jareds cake I make the rocket out of an icecream cone covered in silver cashous but the stars are fimo :)

Maybe one day I will have a go at Fondant, but for now, this works a treat.

So, if you have a birthday cake coming up, I thoroughly recommend going for something easy and making out of FIMO :) The plus side is, you can keep the toppers you make to use again! My kids are often asking for the fairies from Jumeirahs cake to decorate their own playdough cakes :)


  1. This is really a great idea. As my kids get older I know I am going to have to make more elaborate cakes. I don't think I will do the fondant thing, because my kids wouldn't eat it any way. They will eat marzipan, though. But no, this is definitely the way to go.

    Your cakes are beautiful, by the way.

  2. What in the world is FIMO? You did a stunning job on your mum's cake! She is the quilting queen for sure - and I can just imagine how thrilled she was with this. All the thought and planning, cutting and piecing - WOW am I impressed! Now tell me what FIMO is! I've never even had the courage to do marzipan. But I am a master of cutting cakes into shapes - just have to get the kids to eat the coconut on top!