Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines day fun

Its february 14th :)

Also known as a Hallmark holiday, I prefer to know it as a day to let those I know they are loved :)And yes, they get told often of thsi fact, but Valentines day is a day I can do something extra special.

I guess as a teenager, Valentines day was the dreaded day you hoped to get a secret valentine but often didnt.. or it came from goodness knew who, or the one who was supposed to remember forgot. But for me, today, I wanted to do something. I lost a friend recently to cancer and was sharply reminded that days are numbered and to take each chance to make a difference and to let those who matter know. So last night, I printed off this beautiful page from Missy ballance and coloured it in for Jumeirah. Its a reminder of the ten best things I love about her.

As she walked to school, we talked about it and she decided she wanted to do some as well.
I left her with the comment " I had to pick the ten best things, but I could have written a million more" and watched as my gorgeous girl grinned a beam of a smile that I hugged close to me all day :)

For hubbin, I wanted to get rid of the hallmark holiday idea and make my own card. Time short and creativity flat, I found the most perfect card to print off for free from Cottage Industrialist which was absolutely perfect for me ;)

For Amahli and Jared, I set out a heart craft and as we completed it we talked about the things we love... about the day, each other, ourselves. Such a warm fuzzy morning we had.
The craft we did was a contact heart and its really easy to do.
Contact paper
Cardstock or heavy paper

Cut a heart shape from cardstock or heavy paper.
Place a piece of contact sticky side up on one side of the heart ( Jareds I stuck on the wrong side, it should have been on the plain side rather than the patterned side but he didnt care)
Allow your child the stick cellophane all over the sticky contact heart. Make sure you fill in all the holes!

Once its all filled in, place another piece of contact over the heart ( to seal the cellophane in).
It doesnt matter how messy it looks from this side.

Hold up to the light and admire the beauty you have created :)

We added stars to ours, you can add what you like, and if you dont have cellophane, tissue paper works well too. ( just not as transparent at the end)
Did you do anything for Valentines Day??

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