Tuesday, April 13, 2010

garden fun

A few weeks ago, Jumeirah and I made our own hand made paper that we put seeds into. With these, we made gorgeous Easter cards for her friends at school. They looked great, but would they really grow and flower?? I've never done it before and so I decided that with all the scraps we would plant them and see what happens!!
We started by preparing the patch we wanted them to grow in.

Jumeirah started by pulling out the parsley. We were going to put it somewhere new but in all reality, its just growing and taking over all the space and I dont use it for anything so we didnt keep it. We were amazed at the root system, such a hardy little plant!

Amahli and Jared helped with turning the soil, pulled out a few weeds ( she tried to pull out my lovely gerberas but luckily she was moved to another soil spot before I cried) and raked the soil with their tools.

Jumeirah and I dug a small trench in the soil and sprinkled the scrap paper along it. After that, we watered it well and will now wait and see what happens! The seeds are a mixed bag of flowers so hopefully we will get a few.

Its the same patch that originally was our Fairy glen, then became our herb patch, and now contains gerberas (which are amazingly still giving us flowers!

Who said I dont have a green thumb??) and unbelievably CAPSICUMS! I planted them just to see if that would actually work :) We also still have tomatoes and beans, unfortunately the carrots werent as popular as you cant see them growing and we lack patience ( they were pulled up REALLY early). Its been such a great experience to grow our own veggies and to be able to EAT them. I dont think they ever made it into the house, Amahli and Jumeirah were more than happy to eat them sitting on the edge of the garden. They are so proud of each and every bean that grows, and get as excited as me at the gerberas. Jared has even taking to talking to the capsiums when they are tiny.

This morning,I heard an almighty scream and raced outside to find Jumeirah bent over the patch pointing madly at...... shoots :) Tiny, tiny, but definitely there, poking up, hopeful and green. Its been less than a week but looks like we have great soil and the greenest of thumbs all round!

em>What have you planted in your garden?? How green are your thumbs ;)??


  1. I never thought I had a green thumb (I'm horrible with plants in landscaping), but we've had a garden in a raised bed for 3 years now and I manage to grow some things for us to eat every year. I plant tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, green beans, cucumbers and peppers. I don't know much about your climate, but the carrots here do not behave anything like the seed packet says! I plant them in early spring and they take forever to grow. We start harvesting them in the fall. What's nice is I can just leave them in the ground and dig out some carrots whenever I need some. Last year we were still pulling carrots out of the ground in November (which is quite chilly here).

  2. carrots would probably have been ok except you cant see whats happening... thats why tomatoes and beans were good cos we could see that happening... no doubt one day I will be fixing the garden up and find a random carrot :)
    our garden was more about experimenting and less about produce. I might try potatoes and sweet potatoes for actual eating! Our tomatoes got some strange bug and looked raelly bad, capsicums ( i think you call them peppers) are going great guns!! you'll have post a picture of your garden for us :)