Thursday, April 1, 2010

plaster painting eggs

One proud mumma here tonight. Not only have we made it through a whole term of school, she did so well in her Easter Hat Parade today... she wasnt keen but she did it anyway :) I could burst :)

Oh we had a wacky world here yesterday... superheroes, slip and slidin, drumming and general madness reigned in a land filled with giggles that bordered on hysteria.. it was a happy ( read: LOUD) place:)

To calm the rabble and to get back my normally milder children, I brought out something I had been saving for a wet Easter, as we have been predicted. The beauty of this activity?? I can pull it out everyday for the next 14 days and they would STILL love it :)

Its plaster painting. Now I do a fair bit of this with my lot. I have accumulated a nice little stash of fairly cheap moulds over the years and bought a truck load ( well 10 kilos) of plaster for a song not long ago so it will last us awhile. The mould I had been looking for for a little while, found a number of great ones on Ebay, but then found exactly what I was after in our local craft shop. So for the last week, I have been making moulds. Partly because, as a surprise for Jumeirah, I gave her 25 of the rotten things ( they became rotten when I found I could only make two at a time and they took just over an hour to dry so its taken me all week to make this many) to take to school to give to her friends to paint.

" You are the best mum I never had!" I dont get tired of that :)

But I saved a few for Amahli and Jared and let them choose how they wanted to decorate them. Jared decided to draw on his with textas to start with so I set him up first.

He then saw Amahli NOT getting messy with the cotton buds and decided he would give that a go too.

I decided to set Amahli up in her high chair today so I could clean the floor whilst she was busy. It was actually alot easier as the mould isnt that big and we painted with cotton buds so she didnt need much room. I started out with one paint pot at a time, but, like most things Amahli does, she wanted the mall at once. So I made her day and let her do it her way.

And boy, did she churn them out! 2 eggs, a butterfly and a flower later, she was finally finished :)

Dont they look great?!

Long weekend here for me YAY! Will be back on Tuesday :)

Happy Easter! xx


  1. That hat turned out great. She is super cute. Amahli is becoming quite a painter. She is very good!
    Have a fun weekend and a very Happy Easter!