Monday, April 12, 2010

painting with sweetened condensed milk

What have you been eating, Miss blue tongue lizard?? I will probably never know. Or maybe I just shouldnt ask :)

Last week we made the most awesome Lemon Meringue Pies, but the recipe called for less sweetened condensed milk than we had. After much tasting ( by all I'm sorry to say... ooppss) I told them we were going to paint with it.

Added to the sticky sweet stuff was food colouring and we took it outside ( its has potential to be really messy and it sticks to everything) to see what it would be like to paint with. Thankfully, no one really put the connection together and realised that it was still edible and so it was happily painted with instead.

It produced the most amazing medium to work with... its smooth and glides across the paper, its vibrant and its shiny which was great to work with with the afternoon sun glinting on the page.

Amahli, forever obsessed with spots, had a lovely time covering hers in spots, whilst singing "bot, bot, bot.."

Jumeirah thought the blue paint looked like water and so she painted a beautiful mermaid under the sea.

It dries looking exactly like this, smooth and shiny :)

Her second picture was more experimenting with the paint rather than creating a picture, she used two hands to twirl the brush across the page. Its a technique that she really enjoys and seems to try out with each different paint I put out.

Amahli continued, very happily, with spots... page after page after page........

PLEASE NOTE: this art CANNOT ( or should I say should not) be kept. It doesnt actually ever dry without it being sticky. we had ours on the fridge once the paint didnt run down the page, but every time someone walked past it and touched it, it was still sticky. Might just be one that is lovingly "lost".


  1. Next time you use condensed milk to paint, paint on some food. It is so much fun. We have painted on puffed rice cakes. My friend has done popcorn. Allie at No Time For Flash Cards did waffles. The kids get a big kick out of eating their paintings. :-)

  2. oh i must try that! actually i was pretty stoked that the first time, amahli didnt eat the paint!! :)

  3. that sounds like great fun! i wonder if you could try laminating one of the ones you wanted to keep or if it would just smear everywhere from the heat

  4. oh maybe i will try that!! i love my laminator :)