Tuesday, April 20, 2010

humbled by a drawing

This is the finished product from our finger painting extravanganza last week :)

Its short and sweet today.. its been another one of those days....

I hung 4 loads of washing out this morning, brought them in again at 3pm. Took the last two loads out and hung them up. Almost finished that task and the phone rang. Twenty minutes later, I headed back outside to finish.. what was I doing?? Oh yeah, taking the washing off the line... wondered why it was a bit damp but still proceeded to take it all off. As I sat to fold it hit me that it was actually alot damp for some reason, Oh yes, its only been on the line for 2o minutes, so I rehung it all out. Two hours later, some of it was dry so I took it off and folded it outside on the mat whilst my children covered themselves in chalk. I took them inside for a bath/dinner/books/bed. 11pm hits and I am looking for Jumeirahs uniform for tomorrow.. oh yes I folded it this afternoon and its still outside on the mat. And my husband informs me its been raining for over an hour.... yup one of those days....

I am not quite sure why, but lately I have been feeling, well, not really myself. I have lost my crafty mojo, the ability to stitch anything in a straight line, and also the energy to do anything that requires more than thinking... hopefully it passes soon.

We had a fairly simple day today.. painting outside, trampolining, watching the clouds... peaceful and fun.
Tomorrow Jumeirah goes back to school for Term 2, hoping its better than the last one! I hate to think this little one isnt enjoying it, I want so much for her to love it and to thrive.
This afternoon she set herself to draw me something and I watched as she began. She started with grass. Yellow, orange and red grass. The teacher in me asked " Why would you do grass that colour?" but bites her tongue before she adds ' it looks wrong'. Sometimes this added bit gets out before I can stop it. Today, thankfully, I shut up and left Jumeirah to it. I hate that I do this, this overcorrecting. I am working on it, day by day, to stop before I correct because, more often than not, I am wrong :)

She came into me to show me what she had done.

Its sunset, mum, the grass, the flowers and the tree are all covered in a beautiful sunset. Cos I know thats your favourite".

And I am stunned into a silent awe of this beautiful little girl, who created something so amazing just for me. Not just a picture, but a moment in a day that I love to sit and be still in, a time where I feel at peace with the world and myself, Sunset.

"Peace..... is seeing a sunset, and knowing who to thank."

Author: unknown
( the above photo is one of my favourites. Its out our loungeroom window )

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