Tuesday, April 27, 2010

aeroplane activities

I love these little fingers... oh so carefully placing each block upon another.. pinky and pointer finger out so straight so as not to knock over what shes already built up.... shes only 17 months old but wow is she amazing to watch

We had a day off yesterday... its an Anzac Day holiday ( to honour the men and women how have fought in war for our country) plus it was also daddys birthday :) And so we spent the long weekend playing, beaching, and time with some lovely extended family who came to visit for the weekend...such a great time.

The end of last week so a few new firsts for our little pod. Jumeirah earnt her first Bronze Award ( after collecting 10 normal awards, she was now entitled to a bronze award which she recieved in a big assembly.

Made for one very excited little girl) and Amahli made her first ever jelly from start to finish! I was amazed at how much she really wanted to be part of it when Jared made his, and so I thought she could make her own.
She tasted the crystals, poured the water, Told me it was "too hot" and stirred it carefully, then she and jared proceeded to eat the "soup" until I told them there would be none left to go hard!

So we all put our jelly in the fridge to set. I know its not technically a cooking experience, but it has so many concepts and steps that its wonderful for little ones to begin with in the joys of cooking.

And there is always the fun of licking out the undissolved crystals at the end :)

Finally, my lovely friend and her little family managed to fly away to Ireland... it almost didnt happen due to that little volcano that coughed but at the last minute they upped and awayed :) Luckily I had just finished my "things to do on a plane" kit for him. Of course, absolutely NOTHING went as it should have, but still, he was happy with it, and so was mum :)

Heres what I made:
A peek a boo bag ( awesome toy, will have some to sell very soon!)

Beads on a string ( made from Fimo, these can be attached to to sides of a pram or plane seat or even two fingers and can be moved back and forth along the string. its great for younger children)

sultanas ( good for little ones as it takes them ages to pick each one up :) )

A soft book ( I made this from a gorgeous panel I found)

A pack of stickers ( I never go ANYWHERE without stickers. Children as young as 9 months can grasp and help stick or what you stick them onto things. it fascinates them)

Some picture cards ( this was my biggest and most dissapointing disaster. I really wanted to make this into a soft book but for some reason the photos wouldnt print onto the fabric paper... very sad)

and some little transport books

Lots of things to look at, lots of things to touch, not alot of things to lose :) And also, things that are easy to use.

I also had all intentions of packing a few balloons for him to chase around the airport in stop overs but ran out of time. Airports may thank me for that :)

And just to show you how cool they would have been, here are the picture card photos. Jumeirah and I had a lot of fun working out how to do this after we saw something similiar on the blog Serving Pink Lemonade.It still worked ok as cards, but I think the book idea would have been better. I will still ( one day one day) turn this into a book for my own kids as they loved looking at the pictures :)

Arent they cute??


  1. Oh I love the idea for the book. The pictures are great!!

  2. I love how your picture cards turned out! Now I have to go redo mine :)

  3. hehehe.... no yours were great!! thanks for the inspiration!