Friday, April 23, 2010

Doctors play

Friday, finally we made it :)
Its been a long week.. one I am kinda glad to see the back of!

Today, I got out the doctors kit, to encourage some fun and dramatic play. I havent done alot of this style of play with Amahli, Jumeirah and Jared are always pretending some sort of play whether it be dogs ( Jareds favourite) or "escape from the lava!" ( Jumeirahs favourite for over 12 months now). I love to watch them work out scenes, gather necessary props and immerse themselves in it.
I set up the doctors kit and fell to the ground "sobbing" and with a sore arm. Jared got straight in, calmly telling me it was alright, kissing my arm and then taking my vitals ( pulse, ears, sole of my foot) (?). He then bandaged me up and sent me on my way.

He was next and it was a very sad scene, he was really ill.

I was totally amazed at how involved he became. Amahli stroked his head saying " dont cry" and busied herself finding the instruments so I could check him. Then she took over and looked after him herself :)

Hes healed!!

This kind of play is wonderful for some many reasons: its open ended so they can play however they like and it can be quickly changed, its great for developing their imaginations, but its also great to get them used to situations they may face in life. We played Doctors so much when Jumeirah was little that when she ended up in hospital and had to have a drip, she told the Doctor what he needed to do. She knew the instruments, got to use his stethescope, the torch and had a wonderful time being a "real" patient.

This afternoon, I encouraged Jared to do some drawing with me. He wasnt that interested so I left him to it. When I came back this is what he drew:

"Its a bottom, Mum. Doing a poo. And its got eyes!"

Wonderful my gorgeous boy, just wonderful.

At least hes creative :)

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  1. He is just so dramatic. I think he may have a calling. :-) I thought the picture he drew was breasts, but a butt with eyes is way more creative. And what little boy draws a butt without poop? *wink