Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pool noodle marble run/ wicked brews

Vacuuming. Its has to be done. I doesnt take long, normally. But when you have "helpers" like my little guy who holds the hose whilst I try to move it back and forward, it takes a good deal longer. But he came up to me today and said " Mum, I be your hero" and took the vacuum cleaner hose and helped me the best way he could. And my heart exploded into a million pieces and I looked down at my little "hero". Hes exactly the hero I needed.

Outdoorsy day. Love them :) Its a happy, relaxed, fun time. My kids are content to play together without arguing and tormenting each other. I dont notice the noise level so much. And everyone is happy just to enjoy the sunshine and cooler weather.

We have officially hit a change in the weather, its cooler at night and hard to get out of bed in the mornings. My early morning walks have become a bit non existent, which unfortunately I cant say for the middle I was supposed to be losing....

Jumeirah was off school today, head cold and achey body today. She was more than content to flop on the lounge and spend the day there, but I figured a few hours in the fresh air would be great for her.
I found this awesome idea from the same blog I mentioned yesterday,
Serving Pink Lemonade. Its got some great ideas and I knew my little gang would love this simple fun activity.
Its a marble run made from a pool noodle. Cut in half and pinned together, we made a long race track which was the perfect size for marbles. We have a great hill in our back yard and it was the perfect set up for this.

All three we instantly on this activity and worked out how to use this so everyone got a turn. 20 minutes later, Jared and Jumeirah found something else to do. Amahli, absolutely captivated with rolling marbles down, then trotting down the hill to scoop them all back into the jar, take them back to the top of the hill and begin all over again, did this activity for for almost an hour this morning. She was back out in the afternoon and began again. She just loved it :)

This afternoon, Jumeirah asked for a bucket of water and asked whether she could make a concoction. She found sand and collected grass, dirt, cars, leaves and whatever else she could find to add to it.Jared and Amahli were quick to follow, asking for their own buckets of water, and setting up next to each other.

I loved watching how careful they all were at making their owns mixtures, carefully sprinkling sand, gently stirring..... each in their own little world but also happy to chat and share to each other. Jumeirah also was very encouraging to the others, commenting on how lovely it smelt, how wonderful it looked.

How I love days like this :) Simple, happy, fun.


  1. I love that idea. I will have to get some of the swim noodles. We had a bunch last year for different things. Thanks for the inspiration, again. :-)

  2. i actually am still amazed at the simplicity of such great fun :)

    why di we make it so hard for ourselves sometimes??