Friday, April 9, 2010

Last lingering look at Easter

This little mite, one who keeps me on my toes, yells, entertains, and is generally the most demanding, has found a new passion. And I tell you what, I LOVE IT. As soon as the machine is done washing, she flies out the door and waits beside the line. I bring the basket out, she practically knocks me out of the way so she can get things out of it. Then she trots up to me, and hands me each and EVERY item in the entire basket. Now my line(s- I have two) can hold 4 chocka block full loads. And she will hand me every single thing. Saves my back, but I also get this little face of pure joy that looks up to me and knows she totally rocks my world.
Thats love :)

Well I have just about finished my Easter round up and all the fun things we did over the Easter long weekend. We sure did alot!!

Saturday night, the day before Easter Sunday, I had a sudden flash of crafty energy. Its rare at the moment, I seem to have to gotten myself stuck in a bit of a craft slump. But with this flash of enthusiasm, I raced to my craft room to see where the urge was going to take me. I wanted to be a bit careful.... I wrong move and a disasterous project could see my crafting days completely at a stand still.... I decided on something simple for the kids for the next day (nothing like a last minute project to get the juices flowing).

I had planned for my gang a hunt this year, seeing as treasure hunts have been extremely popular lately. I wrote up clues and bought a 18 pack of smallish eggs for them to find together. each clue led them to a place where three eggs were hidden so everyone had to be involved so that everyone got their eggs!

Trouble was, I had no idea how they were going to carry them around so I made them each a REALLY simple bag with their first initial on them so they could each carry their own eggs. They were really cute :)

The hunt went well, although Amahli was done after finding one chocolate, she wasnt wasting any time just in case I took it away ( she tried to each through the foil but we wrestled it away long enough to take it off)

But the beauty of these bags is I can use them for another plan. Each bag will now also be used for each of them to take ONE thing in the car.. for some reason, all three of them do a mad dash around the house when I say we are going in the car, trying to find something to take with them. And now they have a cute bag to hold it in :)

After making the bags, I had just enough left in me to whip up Jared a pair of shorts. He loves his crab shorts I made him, and so I made him this pair of cool boy print too.

He loved them :) How do I know? Because for the first day in his whole life, he wore a pair of shorts instead of traipsing around with nothing on. Its a win all round, he gets cool shorts, we dont have to watch flapping appendiges....

Seeing as I had no pattern, I traced an existing pair of shorts ( folded in half) onto cardbaord to make a pattern piece. Once you trace it onto the fabric, stitch up the two sides, then open it up to fold through the middle. Its so simple. Fold over a waist band, insert elastic, do a hem, and they are done! Quickest pair of shorts ever. ( I have found this idea all over the place but heres one from handy projects seeing as I didnt do photos throughout. I didnt want to ruin the flow)

And all the eggs I blew?? Well they turned into Lemon Meringue Pies.
Which were delicious :)

And that, my friends, is Easter done!!

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  1. The bags are so cute. I had a basket in my minivan for toys, but it would constantly fall over, so I took it out. The shorts are cute.