Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what should I buy?

I have a little friend who visits me with his gorgeous mum once a week. Shes a sanity saver for me, and so normally we just sit and chat away whilst the kids play. This week I thought I would do something a touch more productive with them around our chatting :)
Her little guy ( 2yr old) has one of the strangest obsessions Ive encountered. Hes totally obsessed with all things washing machine. He knows the name of EVERY SINGLE type of washing liquid and basically makes a beeline for my laundry most times he comes. He is always carrying around his own bottle of Cuddly. Im hoping to invite him over in a few years and he'll do mine laundry for me ;)
When they came over this week, I had planned an activity that was an easy but fun thing for little people to do. I cut up a magazine from the supermarket of all different types of food and things you find in a grocery shop. I had frozen food, fresh fruit and veggies, meats etc all sorted into different containers, as well as an " isle" of cleaning products. I printed them all off a trolley picture of their own and invited them to go shopping!!
They could pick what they wanted, and then glued them into the trolleys.
We talked about what they were all buying....
Jared bought fresh food and a coke for dad.

Amahli ( who obviously shops with her mother, who has to buy a whole meal most days because the food fairies steal whatever I buy from the freezer.. or maybe its because I shop with three kids I never buy what Im supposed to but always end up spend $200!!?? ) bought enough things to make a complete meal of sausages sambos ( or sausage in bread for those who have no idea. Its a very typical Australian BBQ thing to have)

And my little friend??
check out the trolley :)

I wish I could have filmed how excited he was over each product he could barely contain himself. Was very funny to watch and he thoroughly enjoyed it.
Once he had completely used up all the laundry things in one trolley ( and a random pizza) I gave him some more plain paper and he glued more food items on them too.
This activity is great for encouraging conversation, talking about cold things and things you cook, healthy food and "sometimes" food and also is lots of fun!

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  1. I have done this with paper plates in which they fix their own meal on a plate. I have not done an activity with grocery aisles, though. This is a great idea.