Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the invites

So after much talking and decision making between me and Jumeirah, we finally came up with a great idea for Amahlis birthday invite ( really it should never have been that hard to decide!) and so I sat down and began to cut it all out.
Jumeirah, in her usual way, gets on the computer and then yells " NO WAIT! I found something better!" and shows me a invite that totally suits my little gal down to the ground. Found on an image search in google, we found the cutest little ladybird cards, and before I could protest she had dragged Amahli in to show her. Of course she loved it immediately and so my wonderful idea was lost and I began creating ladybird cards :)
They are very cute and very easy to make, plus it saves you in having to by invites. And really, its waaaay more fun to do it yourself too ( YEAH! It totally is!!)

Luckily I have three Glee episodes to watch.. this is going to take awhile....

I also got to starting something else for this little beautys birthday and fell in love with an awesome new machine... the Scroll Saw. Fortunately my father in law had one and for the time being, I used that. ( oh I want one... yes yes I do).
I found a great idea on Made By Joel ( yup his whole site is fantastic) called a flower stacker and begun to make my own for her birthday... stay tuned, I'll show you how it goes!


  1. Those are cute. I can't wait to see the flower stacker.
    By the way, love seeing pictures of you. :)

  2. oh Kim this is probably one of the worst photos ive seen of me!! I look huge!! And I of course do everything that requires concentration with my tongue sticking out ;)
    Ill post up a better one :)