Tuesday, October 25, 2011

credit card painting

Lately Ive noticed a slight but decent move on Jareds part.... hes starting to become more involved in crafty things. Especially if it looks interesting and he hasnt done it before, he seems much more keen.
So I have been racking my brains to try and find new ways to do the simple stuff.
Today we used credit cards to paint :)
( well theres no money in them so they might as well be used for something!!)
It didnt quite work to plan but he still really enjoyed it.
You need:
some old cards ( probably one per child)
some paint and some paper

Allow the child to squeeze a small blob of paint onto the paper. We tried a few different things from ordered lines, to trying to create rainbows, but it seems to work best in the blobs are in a line.

Then, holding the card on an angle, drag it through the paint blobs.
The aim is to blend the colours together which kind of worked.

The other aim was for him to enjoy a new paint experience which was successful :)
Anybody got any other non messy looking paint fun I can do??

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  1. Have you thought of putting some watered down paint in squirt guns? Just tape paper to your fence like you usually do and let Jared shoot paint at the paper. It would be great for color mixing, coordination, and just plain fun. :)