Thursday, October 13, 2011

shaving cream marbling

It hit me today that we are no longer in September.... strange I know, I but somehow October creapt up on me and it wasnt until I was pasting photos in a folder in the computer when Jumeirah says " Mum why are you putting them there? " To which I responded " Cos thats where they belong!". She quickly replied, " Oh. But its not September anymore." Bam. Oh. ok then!
So apparently its October and also, its now 3 weeks until that nutcracker of a cherub of mine turns 3. How did she do that???
And so today was a mad rush of working out whether to have a party, and then quick! we should invite some people.
So Jared, Amahli and I decided we would do some marbling to become butterflies for the front of the invite.

Both were really keen, even when I got the shaving cream and food colouring down!
( I think Ive posted this before but oh well, lucky you, you get to see it again!)
In a tray, squirt a fair amount of shaving cream, enough to cover the bottom. you will need to smooth it out with your hands so its an even layer.

Carefully, ( we used a medicine dropper) drop in either ink or food colouring in lots of spots over the shaving cream.
Using a skewer, carefully run the shewer through the coloured spots in large circles. I encouraged mine to do this slowly so it doesnt all become a big mess quickly. They did really well!

Once the patterns have been created, lay a piece of paper on the top and press down gently, you will see the pattern starting to show through the paper.
Lift off the paper, and using a ruler or carboard strip, gently scrape off the excess shaving cream.
You can then use your skewer again to make circles and patterns! You dont need new ink everytime, only once it starts to get really mixed up and loses the swirly patterns.
This is how it turned out! I love this art, its pretty, its easy and it smells great!

NOTE:This is where I should have taken the tray away instead of leaving it on the table. Mostly my kids are brilliant at not touching things cos they dont like it anyways but it obviously was appealing to Amahli. I watched as she pushed her hands through the swirly foam, excited at the fact that she did it on her own without me prompting her.... for exactly 4 seconds before she realised it was sticking in her and began to shake it off..... so now I smell nice and shaving creamy too ;)

Will turn it into butterflies tomorrow :)


  1. Ha ha! She got you. I can't wait to see the cards.

  2. yes, Ilove the marbling- all those swirls. What I really enjoy is you never know what you will get. The sun printing worked well. I posted a picture of it with my fish shape. That will be the background.

    I-Coloniali Hibiscus