Thursday, October 6, 2011

water beads

Its been a massive week this week... things are changing. Im trying to work it out but you'll have to be patient if I disappear occasionally until my head stops spinning....
All over the blog world I kept seeing these "water beads" .. they were being used on light tables, in sensory buckets and to me they looked totally cool for a great tactile experience. I had bought some quite awhile ago now and they were really popular with my kids, so bought a few more packets on ebay ( cheap!) and set it up for my trio.
Only problem with them is, it takes ages for them to blow up full of water. So we emptied three packets into water and then spent the morning trashing the house ( well, not me exactly, its not my thing seeing as I am the one who has to then clean it up)
By the afternoon, these little orbs of beauty had swollen to a beautiful,round, squeezable ball and I added some sea animals to it and all three were totally hooked. Ahem, I should say all 4 of us. Its totally irristable to run your fingers through them.

The next day, ( they last for ages, and then slowly diminish in size) it was Jumeirahs idea to add a few more packets to them, to increase the amount to play in and to " make it really pretty!" and so we did. They arent expensive so it wasnt something I was worried about wasting.
She added pink, purple and light blue to our already green, clear and dark blue beads.
OH. MY. GOSH. Was she ever right. The colours were amazing. The feel of them was totally addictiave, I couldnt stop playing in them. And then I noticed my camera nearby and then couldnt stop clicking at how pretty they looked :)

About 400 photos later, I noticed my children had left me to play all myself ;)
So I got up and added some scoops and spoons from the kitchen and moved away and they quickly returned. Its totally therapeutic, running your hands through such a pretty sensory thing :) Think I'll have to get some more....

Later in the afternoon, I set up a little imaginative play thing I printed of the Made By Joel Blog ( if you havent seen it, GO. GO NOW. And then come back. Hes amazing)
Jumeirah played with this little paper play cat set for ages, using different voices and all sorts of things, totally engrossed in such a simple play scene.

When I had chucked her in the bath, I came out to find littlest Miss also having a lovely time. I managed to catch this video hiding half under the cupboards in the kitchen...

So cute and such an easy thing to print and play :)


  1. but there's no link to the blog :( much sadness

    Now I really want these beads.

  2. You need to photograph them when they are in a clear glass or vase. They press against the glass and get some condensation in between them. It is beautiful, especially when you get them next to the window and let the light shine through them. :)