Friday, October 21, 2011

jellyfish in a bottle

The last few nights I have been going to bed ridiculously late... I keep getting off the computer only to find yet another blog I havent seen or something I think my kids would like, or something else... crazy really!
But something I did find the other day was this blog Bhoom Play, and more particularly, this awesome little activity to create jellyfish in a bottle.
This morning, I showed Jared a cool thing they had done by making a jellyfish out of a plastic bag. we set to work... me snipping, tying, filling with water, retying, more snipping, slight cursing, more tweaking and then finally success!!, him encouraging, quick jump on the trampoline, back to encourage some more, a few snips, back outside for a hit with the ball, and then finally back to watch and beg for food... when I first saw this site I though it looked easy but I read under one of her photos " With some trials and errors" and realised that it was a bit tricky.. but like them, we got it finally!

And no one has let them go since :)
They are hard to take photos of but heres a few of our jellyfish in a bottle.

And a video:)

happy weekend!!!


  1. These look really neat. You provide so many great ideas for things to do. I love it!!!