Tuesday, October 11, 2011

getting kids invovled in the boring and tedious

I came into the lounge room this morning to hear the delighted squeals of three children playing in "SNOW!"... on closer inspection I realised that the 9 loads of washing I had accumulated in there was now raining on my kids in a new spectacularly fun game :)

It was time. Laundry tackling time.

But this time I wanted to get my kids involved... one, because I HATE doing it with a passion, two, because I figured another life skill to master early wont hurt, and three, cos I knew it would be super fun!!! ( hahahaha yeah right its sorting washing!)

So I sat down and explained to them how it would work, sort of. We designated spots for each of us and I just started throwing clothes at them whilst yelling a family member name.....

Dont think Ive ever had so much fun sorting through copious amounts of clothes and they begged me for more at the end.
Might try and make it a saturday morning routine!!
Do you have ways to get through the chores you hate doing? Do you include your kids?? You should try it!!

this is the sock frenzy :)

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  1. Your children are just so stinking precious. Send them over to me for a little bit. My kids would really love to play with them. :)