Monday, October 10, 2011


End of school holidays :( back to reality today and boy did she hit me hard! Its ok though, Its only 12 weeks or something crazy till christmas when I get to have it my way for 6 WHOLE weeks!!!Bring it ON :)
Today was spent mostly cleaning around the two little cyclones ( Why does a mother clean up at all?? I mean really??) and trying to sort myself out a bit.
I did have another request for Sushi from the littlest whirlwind so I got it out and began. We did sushi last week in the holidays which went down quite well and they also really enjoyed making it. It didnt taste as good as "shop" sushi, but still, not bad for a first effort!
Amahli today, enjoyed helping me crate the carrots ( no photos, I need and value my fingers whilst my child tried to grate them. I had buckleys chance of holding a camera too!) whilst Jared monitored the rice cooking. Unfortunately I used the wrong rice and its a bit funny bit but no one really cared. we also included chicken shredded, ham and cheese.

I really wanted them to have things I knew they'd eat so it was a weird combination but it worked :)
Now, all goes well with Sushi until it comes time for me to roll it. Seriously, I cannot get this bit right! Might have to watch a few more You tube clips to get it right. But with some lovely encouragement from my gang, we had it working and cut up and looking vaguely like " real" sushi :)

Jared wasnt overly keen, but Amahli loved it. Especially when I let her dip in BBQ sauce ;)
Think Im going to stretch these little palettes a little further, it was really fun to talk about where sushi comes from, how its eaten... I just really more enjoyed listening to Amahli call it "shushi!"
Have been thinking about doing some other cultural food.. anyone got some simple ideas??

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  1. Do you like Thai food? You could do Chicken Satay with a peanut sauce for dipping. What kid doesn't like to eat things on a stick?!