Monday, October 17, 2011

Smartie Maths

Ive been trying to find some more cool things for Jared to do.. something that is fun but also stretches that awesome brain of his. He tends to wander, the girls are totally content with a set of blocks or mobilo, Jared seems to need a bit more direction.
So I created this cool early maths page for him to do and he loved it. Of course Little Miss wanted one too but hers was more about just eating the Smarties rather than the maths behind it.

Basically, he had to start with counting how many he had, then sorting them into colours and working out how many was in each colour, then showing what colours he had by colouring a small section.
He actually got really into it, asking me to stop helping him so he could work it out.

Once he was done, he also thoroughly enjoyed eating them.
And again, asking me not to help him ;)
No blog tomorrow as I racing to sydney and back. Back on wednesday to show you what happened with Amahlis invites....


  1. I love Smarties! wish we could get them in the states... the version that we have is just hard candies, not chocolate. What a cute way to use them too, I'll have to figure out what I can use that has all the colors

  2. Very cool! I will have to grab some Skittles and give this a whirl. Our Smarties are much, much different.