Monday, January 17, 2011

Window art :) again :)

I had a phenomenonally massive weekend.... Saturday I travelled from Port to Sydney at 3am and back home again by 11pm to attend a Body Shop New Year Launch.
An absolutely brilliant day to say the least! Its so nice to be able to be an adult, and whilst the kids and hubbin are never far from my thoughts, I loved the chance to escape, even just for a day :)
I also love freebies and cool new products so the whole day was a blast!

Today, still under the effects of limited sleep and more than enough excitement, I set about sorting out the week to come.
This week is a big one too as my Mum turned 60 today ( happy birthday mum :) ) and we are heading to the Hunter Valley for my familys Christmas and birthday celebrations. ( Someone else is having a birthday soon too ;) )

So today, I started to rather large task of preparing Mums cake. Now, for now, I cant show anything or say too much cos shes like me and will more than likely look for photos BEFORE the party so I dont want to spoil it ;) Its going to be a impressive feat though. Watch out for it next week!

So I havent loaded up any photos from today yet, but heres something cool we did last week...

This morning, this is how I found my tribe. Peas in a pod they are :) I let them watch and chill out for a bit this morning, then decided to find them something more fun to do.

As I walked past the glass windows, I suggested that just maybe, they would like to help me clean them. Which they all did. I realised just how bad the windows were when I noticed mould growing from a handprint from last week... ewwww... So now I had lovely clean windows again, they set off to find something else to do.

Jumeirah comes to me saying " MUM! Those windows are now perfect for drawing on, dont you think? Lets get the window textas!"

WAS SHE SERIOUS? Of freaking course she was. And so, due to my lovely-fun-mum part ignoring the "Ive just cleaned them!!"-crazy-mum part, I let them go for it.

All three of them had a ball, drawing with these beautiful slidey crayons. They are just the most divine things to draw with! They are so smooth and vibrant and the colours just pop on the glass. They worked together, making sure EVERY single newly cleaned window was covered in lovely colour.

And then ran off to play.. far away from the ok-now-we-can-all-clean-again!!-mum and her cleaning products :)

(window crayons are from Crayola. No Im not paid for my thoughts, these just are seriously freakin awesome crayons)

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  1. Yes they are some freakin awesome crayons! Looks like fun. Nice to know my kids aren't the only ones that think freshly cleaned windows are perfect for drawing on. ;-)