Monday, January 10, 2011

EPIC parent fail

Todays blog is just to prove my kids arent perfect and I am not super mum :)

Photos were taken with my iPhone and so they are crap too :)

As I said last week, this year is going to be a year of changes.Jumeirah in 1st class, beginning preschool for Jared... and for me and Amahli, its two days all to ourselves. So before Christmas I came up with a brilliant plan. On the two days that we have together this year, we would do something just the two of us. I thought, ( this is where I began to fail, "I THOUGHT"...shouldnt have done that bit) that seeing as she loves shopping with me, that we could do the supermarket shopping together once a week. And to enhance this even more for her, I would buy her a trolley for Christmas. Which I did. And she LOVED it.

So, just for kicks, I thought that maybe, just the two of us could go out and test the new trolley.

Not to get alot of things, just a few simple grocery items. And so with our trolley, we set off. We arrived at the shops and she was full of glee, wheeling her trolley so proudly down the ramp. We get to the supermarket and because I dont have much to get, I dont get myself a trolley or basket.

And so we begin.

I picked up some apples, milk ( two varieties as I drink the Lite stuff), see chips are on sale and get three bags, and some cheese.

I turned to Amahli and shes still happy as a pig in mud, and so I drop the chips into her trolley.


She flops to the floor. " Get it out Mummy". Stupidly, I have picked up cordial and yoghurt by this point and have ridiculously full arms. I try to explain to her. "Poss can you help me? I need you to push the chippies for me so we can get them home and eat them" ( yes I used bribery, still didnt work) "NO. Get it out, its mine trolley" and so begins the tears, and the chips are sent flying.

At this point, I have begun to realise that the milks that are balanced precariously on both little fingers, are sliding and I too, flop to the floor. Now I have a choice, either I have to go find myself a basket and leave the crying child, whos now face planted on the floor, or I dump the rest of the goods into her trolley and risk nuclear melt down. I go for the latter ( yes another BIG mistake) and she ABSOLUTELY screams the place down. And so I do what most mothers who have more than one child do... I walk away. With her trolley.Full of stuff.

I am hiding in the next isle, watching and waiting for her to finish her fine performance when an older lady ( yup here it comes, when I get told Im a bad mum) stops and tries to pick her up, thinking shes lost and been abandoned. I call out that shes fine, and shes mine, and they walk past tutting over my crap parenting.

And so, seeing shes not going to be defeated (this time) I pull everything out of her trolley and load myself up and THEN she gets up and sobs her way to the front counters. On the way, she stops at the chocolate isle and picks three out for herself and her siblings.
"Sure you can have it but you have to put it in your trolley" says a at-the-end-of-my-rope-but-Im-going-for-one-last-attempt- me. She puts the chocolates back on the shelf.
And that ends the first and last time we ever going shopping with another trolley..... wonder what other adventures this Little Miss and I will have this year...


  1. That is both awful and are unpredictable

  2. ROFL!! Oh dear, and I know I shouldn't laugh but when it is someone else it really is funny....please don't worry my girl is 6 and I still have moments like those.....maybe you should've just blew a raspberry at the old lady that would've really made her day!! Love the tanty photo on the ground too. Thanks for sharing and being brutally honest.

  3. Ha Ha Ha! Been there, but mine was opposite. I let Cole take a handheld shopping basket to the store. He threw a huge fit when I put things in mine and not his. I tried to explain to him that he could not carry a giant thing of milk and everything else in my basket. BIG mistake. Two year olds, you and I both know it only gets worse. :-)

  4. thankfully I could see the funny side at the time and she was sick to boot so really it was my own fault....
    but Ive got my work cut out with this one I tell ya... ;)