Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Where the heck did Christmas go?? One minute Im all crazy crafting to get it all done, the next its all being packed away... it just goes so fast!
Christmas in this household was sick and yuck. Jared and Amahli both had ridiculous cases of conjuntivitis ( I think it was an allergy but it seemed to stay FOREVER) and were fairly miserable. We tripped on over to the in laws but only stayed for lunch and then tripped back home for a almost 4 hour snooze... but it was a lovely day and not too hot so that was good!

Sick buddy boy with his new " little brother" as he calls it... so so sweet

Now, the hot weather has hit and its sticky and icky and not very pleasant. The last two days we have hit the beach late afternoon and its been pure bliss :)

So how was Christmas where you are?? Id love to know :)

This year, this little blog is going to change again as life changes for us here. Currently, and for the next month, I have all three ( HOORAY HOORAY!) children on holidays so crafty things will be kinda all over the place age wise. Jumeirah plays a dominant role in craft as she is my most craftiliscious child. Once she goes to school however, the days and crafts are modified for the other two. So for three days its based on them. BUT!! For two days this year, Jared is going to preschool (*SOB*) and so it will be just me and Littlest Miss and so crafty things will be brought down to her level. SO! bear with me as I find a routine for myself in all of that... this year is GOING to be fun :) For our awesome New Years Eve craft, ( oh yes, I might have gotten a bloggy break but a crafty break?? unlikely!!) we did these fantastic firework paintings.

To start, I gave the girls ( Jared is having a crafty haitus) each a piece of paper and some gorgeous pastel crayons. I let them loose to colour all over the page in however they wanted.. I helped Amahli a bit... partly because you cant have any white holes, and partly cos I LOVE pastels :)

Once completely covered, I got Jumeirah to paint over it completely with black paint. It does need to be quite thick to cover all the colours underneath. At this point, she says to me "What, after I coloured it so neatly??" but she did it anyway.
I gave Amahli a plain piece to paint on as she didnt wan to ruin hers either ;)

Once covered in black paint, I gave her a matchstick to use to "draw" in the paint.
"OH WOW! Check out my firework!" was what came soon after :)

She had a great time creating on this unusual masterpiece, and any part she didnt like, she just repainted over it in black paint.

And so our 2011 crafty adventures begin!!

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  1. I wish you a fantastic new year! Sounds like there is going to be big adjustments at your house. I can't imagine Christmas break on the beach. Our Christmas was snow covered. Not too much snow, just about 4 inches.
    Jared looks so sad and sick, but so adorable holding his little brother.