Tuesday, January 18, 2011

themed drawings

Tiny jeans I worked on tonight.. third pair of pants that the little recipient has now and FINALLY these ones worked.. you'll have to wait and see whos they are :)

The holidays seem to be flying by, but day to day seems to plod on through quiet and simple fun filled days...

Todays request was playdough. So I got out the ingredients and the colours blue and red.
"Ah Mum, how do you know we dont want a different colour than that?" was the statement quickly made. When asked what colour she wanted, she replied " Grey!"
Grey playdough?? gross! What could she possibly want with grey playdough? But seeing as it was for her and not me I obliged and made a batch of grey and a batch of pink ( at Amahlis request).
It looked terrible while I made it but as soon as it was done, two happy girls set to work making things together. Jumeirah was totally occupied with the grey playdough, informing me it was the perfect colour for what she needed.

Playdough master

A little while later, I met this little fella :) She made a few more with Amahli, teaching her how to get a good mouse shape and how to put eyes, ears and a tail on.

Amahli is still always keen to make cakes and sing happy birthday :)

Jumeirahs " handwich" she thought she was hilarious.

Later on, I told her I had a task for her to do. One that she can do every day for the rest of the holidays. For each day, whilst the house is quiet in rest time, I wanted her to draw a picture based on a different theme each day.
She was a bit hesitant, she loves to draw but its often the same things: butterflies, fairies etc.
I really wanted to push her brain a bit to think a bit further but I also want her to have fun so the first theme she had today was " how fairies play" . She was pretty keen to get started and this is what turned out.

She wanted to do another one and I told her the theme was " my favourite alien". This one she sat and thought about for a bit but then got started.
Here is "Raymo"

She was keen to do more but I told her she could do some more tomorrow... whilst I madly think of some more things!!

So far this is our list:

The Circus

A day at the beach

If I could fly

Down below

Up Above

On the moon

A picnic in the park

My greatest invention

I hope that this will be a fun thing for her to do each day and I'll turn it into a book when shes finished :)

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  1. I would have been hesitant about grey playdough, too. Turned out great, though.
    I love the fairy drawings.
    I can't wait to find out who the jeans are for.

    Hope you had fun this past weekend. :-)
    P.S. I know what is coming this weekend,