Monday, January 24, 2011

paper weaving

Today was another recovery day from yet another MASSIVE weekend :) We have just spent the last four days in the lovely Hunter Valley with my side of the family celebrating a 60th, christmas and a 35th :) Such a nice time but geez holidays take it out of you!

And so today we did things on a quiet level.

Both girls were keen to craft and so I got out some really bright paper to create with. For Jumeirah we started with some paper weaving. I cut the folded paper into strips that stopped before the edge of the paper and she cut the long strips to weave with and set to it. Amahli was absolutely thrilled to be allowed to play with the "real" scissors and spent ages manipulating them to try and make cuts in the paper.

We then tried a wavy weave as well with pretty results. ( although the paper was a bit too bright for me!)

Once we had finished, Jumeirah and Amahli happily continued to cut strips and create whilst I began the first of many loads of washing. I came out at one point and jumeirah asked me to make her a tree.

We collected some toilet rolls and I stuffed some paper in the top and presented her with ( what I thought was pretty good) a tree.

She looked at me, and said, " Its ok Mum, I know you did try but I think I might just do it myself". Hmmm yeah ok then!

And so she did. And boy, did she outdo me too :)

( I only helped with the sticky tape. The design and execution is all hers)
She then set up this cute little play scene with all the trees and some dinosaurs and all three played here for such a long time.

I love times like this.. when I can sit and watch, and they just enjoy each other in play. Its not totally rare, but often someone is bossing the others, someone is being a pain in the bum and thinks its totally funny, and one is crying cos its not fair.... but today it worked :)

And I was a happy mum.

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  1. What a fantastic tree! She did a great job!!! :)