Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bubbles bubbles everywhere

Today is Australia Day, where Australians celebrate all things Australian... the BBQ, beer, the beach and getting sunburnt. Well thats how it seems around here :)
(Actually not technically "here" but here in Australia)
Technically and historically, its when the First Fleet landed in Australia in 1788 and its the day we celebrate as a nation. In our household, its just a nice day off really. A day to relax and enjoy in the middle of the week.

And so we did things quietly, ( again we are all still catching up with the weekend) and just hung out together. Yesterday I worked and so no blog came to fruitition but heres what we did! Lately, my household has been bubble mad.

Actually, its something they have always been extremely keen on, but yesterday they bugged me enough to get some bubble fun out. We started outside with a great bubble mix and straws I had taped together. When blown, they make hundreds and hundreds of bubbles that look like lots of helixes. All three of them loved to do this and it went for quite a while whilst I madly tried to take photos...

This photo is actually me blowing the bubbles.. crazy yes but I couldnt get the kids the blow it slow enough! Obviously its not great but you get the idea ;)

After a while, I brought them all inside and added food colouring to the bubble mix.

Intrigued, they all sat and watched as I blew into the mixture with a single straw, until the bubbles were almost overflowing, and then laid a piece of paper over the top to take the print.

Once I had done one, they were very keen to do it themselves. Now, a 2 yr old and a yr old are not the best contenders for this craft but both astounded me with being able to completely do this task without me. Amahli did NOT ONCE suck up the straw ( as Ive seen countless times in my preschool teaching years) or spill the whole glass of bubble mixture over, or get bubbles everywhere. They were completely mess free and totally loving this activity. Together they produced about 30 sheets of bubbled paper :)

Jared watched but told me he'd do it tomorrow :)


  1. My kids love bubble painting, too. Such a blast. Try letting one blow the colored bubbles outside and have the other two catch the bubbles with paper (or just smack the bubbles with the paper). Great way to run around while till enjoying this neat art craft. :-)

  2. I'll have to remeber this for summer art idea :) Now it would be all over our department! :)