Friday, January 7, 2011

project 52: week 1

I worked tonight... I so need to refind my mojo as I lost it somewhere over the last few days... I missed a blog last night due to extreme tiredness ( and yes I feel guilty) ( stupid I know) but some days are just like that.

Tonights blog is simple for you but has taken me awhile of fiddling. I am joining the masses and (again) going to do a photo a week: Project 52. I tried this last year, with a photo a day, but got way bogged down in it so Im starting it again a bit more simply. Inspired by Paint the Moon lovely Annie, I will take a photo a week and do some minor ( or major as the case may be) "tweaking" and hopefully turn it into a masterpiece :)

I'd love you to join me.. it really will open up photography and sharpen skills as you practise PLUS! its great fun!!

Anyyway, heres this weeks masterpiece :)
It may not be the best photo, but this is my favourite...

"Extreme Smile"



amahli extreem smile

( yes I'll take constuctive criticism but I do really like this photo so be kind)

to the lovely ladies that are keen to cache swap, Ill get back to you next week ;)

happy weekending!!

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  1. What program did you use to edit? I have photoshop elements, but have no idea how to use it (especially layers).
    I think you did a great job. My only suggestion would be to try to soften her cheeks. The color/saturation change made her cutie little face have a splotchy complexion. Still a fabu shot and editing!