Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Geo Caching: IM HOOKED

Todays photos are on the iPhone so they arent great but you get the idea ;)

Totally not what I was going to blog about today but Im still buzzing at how much fun this was with out gang this arvo :)

Somehow, in rest time today( Im trying to wean myself of day sleeps so I dont go to bed after 2am.. it was a killer today but I just managed :) ) I stumbled across a blog ( in a nutshell) that was talking about "Geocaching".... yeah I had no idea either. Sounds a bit nerdy to me....

But, after a little bit of research I got really excited.

Basically , geocaching is an World wide treasure hunt :) For free, you log into the geocache website, whack in your country, postcode or state, and up pops the co ordinates to go find hidden treasure!! You do need a GPS so we took daddys phone with us, but it was so kid friendly and so much fun we have a few more planned for this week and hope to do it more.

I was kinda shocked that Port Macquarie had about 300 Geocaches hidden around the place, but even more surprised that we actually found the first one we looked for! And so, as soon as Daddy got h ome today, we told him about it and he set up his phone with an actual App for it ( you dont need it but it helped) and off we went!

You have to be careful of "muggles" ( people who dont know what its about and some who would probably wreck it if they could see what you were doing) and so Jumeirah was hilarious whispering " Wait Dad! Theres more muggles coming!" and then whistled very strangely as the people walked past. Funny girl.

She was in command of the GPS and really enjoyed following the compass to find the spot to start hunting. Its not easy to find, I guess thats the point. It cant be too easy or it would be found by anyone. You have some clues so that did make it easier. And then, to my complete surprise, we found it! And 91 people had been there before us!

Once found, we opened it and filled in an already very full log book and took a treasure out and replaced it with one of our treasures ( we need to get more but we took a keyring)

I TOTALLY recommend you check out the website, get your hands on a GPS and go hunt your own caches :)
I would love to hear of your adventures!!
I would also love to see some photos of your hunt so if you do go one one sometime soon, post a photo on the Mumma Made It fan page so we can all see it!

Get out and GET HUNTING!!!


  1. How fun! I have never heard of it. I am going to have to see if my rural area has anything. Thanks for the info on the site. I will have to try to avoid the kids wanting to dress like pirates.

  2. oh wow I had heard of this but honestly assumed that there wouldn't be much around here in OZ, definitely need to look into it a bit more. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOve love geocaching :). It's a great family activity and a way to see places you never knew about :)