Wednesday, January 12, 2011

take the time to sit and watch

Today, I took the time.

After having two almost completely full days of cleaning, washing, folding, vacuuming etcetcetc and so it goes on, I came to the realisation that I could do this every SINGLE DAY and it still would be ready to do all over again tomorrow....
So for today, I sat, I watched, I played and I HAD A BALL :)

I watched an exploring 6 yr old trying to work out how to make bubbles bigger ,better, last longer, different shapes, sizes, and also admired a multitude of colours....

I played restaurants with a hardworking mini chef in her cafe and was served Pizza, coffee and doughnuts, all complete with amazing sound effects. Im sad to say I dont think I have actually played WITH her in this restaurant before, we had such fun today and will be doing it ALOT more.

I watched three lovely littles work together to create an amazing scene with the hammer and nails. Jumeirah taught both of the others how to hammer them in completely, Amahli was in charge of passing pieces, Jared did most of the hammering, Jumeirah was project design.

Sometimes, I forget the importance of involving myself in play, not only for them, but also for me. It strengthens bonds. Creates memories. Lessens stress levels. And shows me how very blessed I am :)

Tomorrow, set out three activities for your kids. Sit and do it with them. Forget the housework. Im telling you to have the day off :)
And enjoy the day :)


  1. I think I will do just that. We are expecting another little one in or house sometime within the next month. So I would like to make sure that the kids have me to themselves before we change the family dynamic, again. :)

  2. Oh wow! how exciting and busy for you guys!! How is little lady going?? From what I can tell little man isnt with you anymore?

    hoping for a lovely day off :)... I'll put the kettle on if you like ;)