Tuesday, January 11, 2011

recycling crayons

For Christmas, Jared got a really cool ice cube tray of robots and I decided I wanted to make something from it today.
Seeing as it would take too long to make ice cubes or coloured ice to paint with, I told Jumeirah I was going to teach her how to make some thing old new again.
We gathered all the crayons we could find in the house ( some werent even that old but we needed lots) and then we spent some time peeling the paper off them all.

Then, under my watchful eye, I showed Jumeirah how to melt them using a double boiler method (boiling water in the pot, cup with crayons in the water)and she watched the crayon turn to liquid.

Once it had fully melted, we poured the liquid crayon into the robot mould. Now, most normal people would be able to walk away and let it cool. But no, I kept checking it and after about an hour, got impatient and turned them out. They were ok except the legs hadnt hardened properly and he was soon legless.

But they were such fun to draw with!! Amahli and Jared had a ball and Jumeirah now wants to go find more crayons to melt :)

Easy, fun and cheap recycling and science experiment in one!

Anyone else got some fun easy recycling ideas??


  1. Cool! We have some neat ice cube trays (not robots) that I have been meaning to make homemade gummie candies in. I may have to do some recycled crayons, too.

  2. ohh gummy candies.. that sounds yum!!

    What crazy american product do I need to make them ;) ?? xx