Thursday, October 7, 2010

beach bliss

125?? 125?? 125 people read my blog today! Im kinda stunned, I know a few people that read it... but 125?? thats insane! Or maybe its just one person reading it 125 times ;)

Thanks to you for reading it... hoping that you are inspired to actually do some of this fun stuff with your beauties.

Think I owe thanks as well to Teach Preschool on facebook as I saw my little spaghetti blog there this morning :)

Today, the most brilliant sun lit up the sky today so we headed to the beach... I wish I could transport all of you who need some time to relax and refresh to me so you could sit and watch and just BE the way I was today... We met with a few friends and their two kids ( who arent locals) and they were amazed at how 5 children entertained themselves without a tv, or copious amounts of food, or toys or really ANYTHING other than a whole heap of sand, a couple of rocks and a decent amount of ocean :)

( ok apologies, I cant take photos at the beach. They always turn out grainy! annoying but here you go anyway)

5 children who:

Covered this entire rock with sand to make sure the pirates wouldnt find the treasure hidden within...

Found themselves their own private bath and splashed and played and ate sand to her little hearts ( and stomachs) content

Swam and played and just enjoyed each others company

Rode the back of a whale out to sea

And sensibly, stayed away from the other end of the beach that was FULL of pain the bum tourists! happy people :)

Bliss :)


  1. Maybe one of these days I will be one of those pain in the bum tourists. :-) I would NEVER leave. Then I could start to complain about the pain in the bum tourists. lol.

    Looks like the kids had a great time.

  2. hehehe thats what I was :) now Im a LOCAL haha :) come join me!!!