Monday, October 25, 2010

holidays, whales and icing biscuits

Im back... just.
A week off was just what I needed.. unfortunately its hard to get back into the swing of.. well... anything at the moment. the washing is again climbing the walls, inspiration is at an all time low, I have Body Shop orders to do, I have had enquiries as to how to buy bulk of my peek a boo bags (yikes!!! yes that was the exciting bit) and I just cant seem to get myself going on anything. Plus tonight I have just spent 2 hours creating a word doc only to have it corrupt itself because I had to save it cos I cant print it today :( So really, Im a bit flat all round ( hehe wouldnt THAT be nice if that were literal)

My week with my folks was busy, full and fun. Lots of things we accomplished.. I now have not one, not two but THREE big veggie patches ( ahem, without veggies currently, but Im getting there), I got a NEW car, my kids have the worlds best play area, we saw Whales (LOTS of them), went strawberry picking, and ate and ate and ate. The kilos I was losing just before they came have returned with gusto. Grrr.

Diamond Beach " The Organiser and her slave"

Dads massive Kite
The awesome cake

Beautiful waves ( there are about 100 photos almost exactly like this one.. I couldnt stop)

Little Miss in her tower

Our improved backyard ( veggie patch photos tomorrow)
Moving a rather large trampoline freaked the daylights out of Amahli

Fixing the yard with Pa

Our amazing whale baby ( at one point, we were surrounded by at least 15 of them.. they got a bit too close for me but were truly an incredible sight to see and hear)

He may be a baby but he makes the biggest splash!

Mum and bub

UNmacroed.. yup he really is THAT close

One of the things I did whilst on our mini break to Diamond Beach was to decorate some biscuits. This was such a great activity for little people ( especially my nephew and Amahli) that practised fine motor skills and hand eye coordination and they loved it!

Get yourself a simple biscuit recipe ( Id give you mine but the biscuits were so crap because I forgot the butter and had no egg so we just decorated them and then licked the icing off), cut out some fun shapes with a cookie cutter, and bake them.

Then, make icing from butter, icing sugar and colouring and put it into small plastic bags. I then cut a tiny part of the tip off and it made an easy piping bag for little hands. They had a great time with the icing and then sprinkled the sprinkles on top. Both the littlest gang spent ages on these, my nephew ( at 18 months) did about 6 before he started eating the icing straight from the bag....

easy simple and fun!!

And on a very high note, a wonderful friend ( thanks Kim) sent me elusive and mysterious packets of Kool Aid. I have never smelt mail so sweet!! It was such a nice surprise to find. So stay tuned, this week we are painting with it!!

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  1. I love the whale pics! How amazing that must have been. Looks like the backyard has a new look. Wow, those are some fun playing structures.