Wednesday, October 13, 2010

numbers: counting, adding, recognising

Jared was keen to do something with me this morning... a game seemed to be the pick. I grabbed the numbers I bought a few weeks ago ( clear plastic filled with glitter and coloured oil. I LOVE THEM) and started a number recognition game with him.

Very similar to the game I played awhile ago where you lay out 5 items and then take one away. Due to its repetitive nature, this game is brilliant for number, colour or letter recogition as well as testing memory.

We played for over half and hour, he just loved it. I then added to this simple "whats missing?" game by asking him to find each number, and then build with that amount of blocks. He clicked onto that straight away and began to build small towers to match the numbers.

Amahli helped a little bit but was more interested in what was inside the numbers and making the glitter move... and also framing her gorgeous little face:)

Games like this can be played with anything, anywhere, anytime. Its a simple concept, but can be used to encourage so many skills and can be added to for older children ( jumeirah loves this game and often finds about 15 things to play with me. I never remember them all but she loves the challenge)


  1. I love those numbers! I am going to have to try to find some. We have to have them online or around here. They are really cool.

  2. let me know.. i can add some to your jelly crystal package ;)