Wednesday, October 6, 2010

spagetti painting

Today was a dreary, rainy and dull day....Kids have begun to climb to walls as its rained on and off for most of the school holidays.

I needed something fun and bright to do, something different that would get them all excited. As I boiled them up some plain spagetti for morning tea ( dont ask, my kids are weird) I wondered if you could use it to paint with? Im not one who usually uses food to paint ( I shudder at fish painting) and I dont really want my kids to think food should be wasted, but I figured a few strands wouldnt hurt.

And so I got out my brightest fluro paint and laid some fresh cooked spagetti into it and called them all over. What ensued was really quite the funniest paint experience I have done in a long time :)

Jumeirah: straight into it. loved the idea, used lots of paper and often tried to use two different colours at the same time. the funny thing with this one was that she had earlier rescued two slaters ( bugs) and had homed them in the top lid of a bug catcher. One was happy to sit still and have the process explained in detail to it, the other kept escaping, heading straight for the paint. Jumeirah had to repeatedly remind him to stay put so she could find him a home or he would end up bright purple. ( both slaters were happily rehomed in a brief break in the weather)

Amahli: also very keen. Couldnt quite get over the fact we were painting with "Sketti" but had a lovely time. Her sound effects sounded like a fish bubbles underwater ( which I wish I had recorded!) had me in giggles for ages. Everytime she moved, the spagetti swuang around she got splattered in paint.

But todays worst offender was, surprisingly, JARED!
He was totally grossed out by the spagetti, but then started to paint with it. I was utterly amazed that he was actually enjoying it! Until I realised that the reason he was so enjoying it was that he kept eating the unpainted end of it.


In the end, I let them eat the unpainted portion of spagetti and we had slurpy races.... all except Amahli who got hit in the face with her first piece and now wont do it again...

It was a great experience, fun and entertaining for me as well :)
I totally recommend this one on a dull and dreary day :)


  1. I keep intending to do this, but haven't followed through.

  2. Love it! I was wondering how you were going to do spaghetti painting - hadn't thought of cooking it! This is so on my to-do list!

  3. THIS is adorable -- I am so adding this to my to-do list!

  4. Just wondering how you did the butterfly at the top of the page?

  5. totally recommend you all do it!!

    @ pam: the butterfly at the top is the classic butterfly painting... fold a piece of paper in half, spread blobs of paint down the middle fold, then fold over and flatten the paint out. Open up and VOILA! a gorgeous butterfly :)