Tuesday, October 5, 2010

working together/cutting circles/home help/ cornflour paint

Monday was a public holiday here in Australia.. so daddy was home which means I dont really get a look in with any of my kids!

Today though, for some strange reason, they were stuck like glue together. AND THEY LOVED IT... which is even stranger....but good!

The day began with a fun message found on the fence...

and so they did :)

The paint is cornflour paint, easily made with cornflour and water, mixed into a smooth, runny, consistency. This paint is fantastically smooth to paint with and dries bright and pretty. It looks like chalk when its dry.

Amahli and the worlds worst bed dreds... ( her hair is normally gorgeously curly but today.. oh its baaaad)

Jared and his dress yourseld backward style "dont worry Mum, Thomas doesnt mind"

I began to hang the washing out, not wanting to break their flow, but soon had all three trying to help me. So, I left one side of the clothesline flat against the wall so they could hand things from it that way. I went ahead and hung three loads out the usual way. Funny thing is, its rained and rained ever since and the clothes they hung this way are the only ones dry!

All three then decided to do Jareds craft from last week which he never got around to doing. It was cutting circles inspired by Jumeirahs Kandinksy painting of last week.
Amahli, not quite ready for scissors, was happy to glue shapes onto corrogated cardboard. Ok, so she wasnt totally happy to not be using scissors, but I am not game to unleash her with a sharp instrument with her " I DO IT A SELF!" attitude.
I traced circles for Jumeirah and Jared to cut out. Jumeirah is a whizz at cutting now and flew through cutting 9 circles and then arranging them. ( As yet, we havent worked out a way to display them, so you'll have to wait for the finished product.)

Jared still is more interested in the whole snipping thing more than directional cutting but I let him keep practising rather than pushing him to complete as I want him to. Its a hard one for me, but today I was cool and cruisy :)

All in all, they all did really well :)

I love days like this ...... whats the bet tomorrow is totally different???


  1. We don't have a wooden fence, but I am going to have to come up with something to let them paint like that. It looks like so much fun.