Wednesday, October 27, 2010

REAL birthday playdough :)/ candle fun

Its heating up here!! Today we splashed out in our pool :)

Well I earned another "worlds greatest Mum" notch today :)

I dont get them as often as I would like ( and no where near as many as Daddy seems to score just for coming home) but today I got one from my littlest gem. This morning, I made some gorgeous teal playdough and Amahli was instantly drawn to it and sticking paddlepop sticks into it. She began to sing Happy Birthday and blew out the candles. Shes practising you see, she turns TWO in two weeks :) I came to join her, whilst she remade her cake, and we sang together. I then had an idea... in our house, birthdays are well celebrated and fun. But, inevitably, it always turns to tears as only one person gets to blow the candles out. I have taught them to share, but not their candles. They get to do that themselves. Today, whilst she was making her playdough cake, I went and got 6 candles, three for each of them to blow out. I gave them to Amahli and she pushed them into the playdough.

Before she began singing, I actually lit them to do a REAL happy birthday. She looked at me with such love and adoration, I widh I could have photographed it :) She then blew them out and asked for it again. Jared came and watched and then had a turn too. Its funny how something so simple ( seems to be the week for it) gave them so much pleasure.

With a larger candle, I gave Jared a piece of paper and asked if he would like to use the candle to paint. the novelty of using a lit candle to drip with fascinated him no end and he stayed dripping for ages. He then sang himself happy birthday and blew it out.

Candles are such a fun thing to craft with with children. Just dont go answer the phone in the middle of it or you may not have a house at the end!


  1. You are waaay braver than I am. I don't think I could give the two older kids a lit candle like that without them experimenting too much. ;-) I love the idea of putting candles in the playdough cake, though. We are going to do that. I need to make a new batch of playdough this week, anyway.

  2. i must admit, we had one hairy moment when Amahli put the flame out with her fingers... but I got no more than " ow its hot" so we carried on :)
    shes tonka tough that one :)